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Matches - Not just for puppies!

AKC Match Shows are a great opportunity to socialize your dog in an informal and educational dog show environment, all while meeting other dog lovers who are already part of the AKC community. Most of all, it’s pure fun! Get started with your dog now. VFKC is presently offering two matches a year. No need to pick one; come to both.

Tips for the first-timer


     Reasons to Enter the VFKC Winter Match

5. We hold it in a ballroom
Yes, really! A nice smelling, freshly painted, well lit ballroom. You can see it here.

4. Great pre-season tune-up
Ring procedure, handling skills, socialization... Gotten rusty? We'll help you polish up.

$35 for Best Puppy and Best Adult in Match

2. Easy to get to
On US-30, less than one mile from US-202

1. Westminster
Admit it. We know you watched it, and all you can think now is, "I can beat that!"


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